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My wife & I felt necessary to take the time to write this letter in order to inform you of the excellent service provided by the Concierge group at our building.

We arrived here in June 2008 from Ottawa. Since then we have been astonished by the level of service provided by this formidable group of professionals. There has not been a day when we are not greeted by a smile and warm welcome. At times when we needed information or instructions they have gone out of there way to provide the right information and assistance to help us accomplish what we needed. We have resided in many other such residences as this and have never encountered such professional aptitude or dedication as these people have put forth.

As such we are very pleased with their services provided and when the day comes when we may move we would be very disappointed if our request to have them leave to provide the same services at our future destination is turned down.

If requested we would highly recommend them to provide the same outstanding service provided as they exemplify exactly what a great Concierge should be. They maintain the integrity and provide the security that we so look for in this building.

Our compliments to your company and the people that provide these services at our loccatio, a job that continues to be well accomplished each day. They are valuable assets to your company and would be a great loss without them.

David Debaeremaeker


After many years of our harmonious business relationship, it is a real pleasure for me to give you this letter of reference.

Permania Management Inc. is providing management services for many multi-residential and commercial projects throughout the Lower Mainland since 1975. We have no hesitation to recommend Arrow Security when some of our projects require temporary or round the clock security and or concierge services because they have always provided us with well trained personnel.

Arrow Security Guards are not only able to handle the security aspects of a building and are qualified to handle emergency situations, they are also courteous and have earned the trust of many owners and residents.

It is comforting to know that the management team of Arrow Security Systems Ltd. is always providing the necessary back-ups in critical situations or special events. We have no hesitation to recommend Arrow Security Ltd. to any potential clients.

J.E. Perthen, P. Mgr., CIM.


We have utilized the services of Arrow Security Ltd., since May of 1991 and have found their services to be above reproach.

We find Arrow Security’s personnel to be neatly attired and are knowledgeable about security practices. They are prompt, courteous, and efficient and present a professional picture in keeping with the Delta Pacific Resort’s standards.

We are fully satisfied with the services received and would have no hesitation in recommending ARROW SECURITY to you.

Henry Leung


Arrow Security has overseen the security requirements in our Burnaby office since June of 1996. Arrow Security was chosen because of their attention to details and the hands on involvement of the company principals in the day to day business.

In general, Arrow has supplied reliable security personnel, in appropriate uniform with no change in staffing. The staff keep a comprehensive written record of all activities and any ensure all staff sign in and out after hours. Henry Bingert and Nick Takhar have made several onsite visits to ensure all procedures are being followed.

In summary I would recommend that in considering companies to handle your security requirements, Arrow Security Limited should be on your short list.

M.A.(Mike) Smith


This testimonial is in response to the successful Assault Prevention Seminar held on September 2, 1992.

We wish to thank you for your in-depth and creative approach in presenting your seminar. We have had positive feedback from our staff. We highly recommend this seminar to any group or organization wishing to improve their self-awareness of the issues.

Again, thank you for all your efforts.

Leon Joyal BSW


We have been very pleased with the Security work your group performed on this site and sincerely thank you.

Hector J Hebert, P. Eng.


Tenold Transportation used the services of Arrow Security from March 2007 through December 2009.

During this time we did not have any issues with break-ins & found the Arrow personnel to be courteous & competent. Their paperwork was handled promptly and professionally. I highly recommend them to any prospective customers.

Stirling Whitrow